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Nick Prowse
Creative Strategy Consultant

Hello and thanks for visiting my portfolio.

As you can see from my work, my background is diverse, ranging from creative to strategy and concept development. I’ve worked in Europe and Australia in a wide variety of different agencies, turning client business challenges into creative solutions that deliver results. I love to collaborate and manage/inspire teams to achieve great results for clients, but I’m equally happy rolling up my sleeves to solve a problem regardless of the media or creative outputs required.

About me:
• Dual British and Australian citizenship.
• 14 years of multidisciplinary, multinational experience including in Australia, EMEA and the UK.
• Founder of the Expat Creative Network, on LinkedIn & Facebook.

Recent feathers in the cap include:
GOLD – POPAI 2015 1st Mobile Shopper Experience – Paddle Pop Magilika
Winner – IAC 2015 – Best Consumer Goods Mobile App – Paddle Pop Magilika
Winner – IAC 2015 – Best Food Industry Mobile App – Paddle Pop Magilika
GOLD – MAAW GLOBE Awards 2014 – Best Consumer Durables – Kambrook Blitz2Go
SILVER – MAAW GLOBE Awards 2014 – Best Shopper Marketing – Kambrook Blitz2Go
GOLD – POPAI 2015 – Path To Purchase Marketing & Comms – Kambrook Blitz2Go
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