From touchpoints to journeys: seeing the world as customers do.

Today I read a brilliant article by McKinsey & Company on the pitfalls of how we measure customer satisfaction through touchpoints, and why our current methods of measurement are missing the bigger picture, giving us only one side of the story about how customers actually interact with our businesses and their motivations for doing so.

When you look at the bigger picture, the customer journey can often begin days, weeks and months before and after a touchpoint that can be measured.
The article gives an example of a media company that has traditionally measured touchpoints such as call centers, marketing and promotions, digital, and sales etc. Understandably over time and continual improvement these touchpoints performed exceedingly well, with scores over 90%. So executives were left dumbfounded by the churn rate and an increasingly difficult customer retention rate. What these executives failed to recognise was the full customer journey. That an inquiry on a digital subscription, was in fact directly related to a sales cancellation, and that having siloed departments that performed well in their own right were, in fact, doing just the opposite when viewed through the lens of the customer journey.

My approach is to always create marketing solutions from the customer’s perspective first. With this view, we can uncover insights and develop strategies that make business more productive by a factor of three (see McKinsey research) as well as adding to staff morale and retention.

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