Hyundai World Cup 2018

The Challenge: 
While working with Octagon Australia, we were tasked with diving awareness of the Hyundai sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup. Being the major sponsor of the event as well as the A-League, Hyundai wanted everyday Australians to tune in, show their support and drive affinity for the brand.

The Solution: 
To drive awareness we needed to engage with Australians around the codes of sport they’re already interested in and encourage them to become football fans for the duration of the World Cup.

The Idea: 
We took the insight that during the World Cup, everyone becomes a football fan. We wanted to demonstrate that no matter what code you’re interested in, you can have a #footballfling. To do this, we enlisted the help of some iconic sporting greats to lend their voice to our cause and encourage everyday Australians to Have A Fling With Football.