Streets Ice Cream – Paddle Pop

The Challenge:
Streets Ice Cream wanted us to reinvigorate their tried and tested annual Paddle Pop Lick-a-Prize promotion. We needed to breath new life into a campaign that was feeling tired and expected.

The Solution:
We wanted to add value and engage every customer by giving a prize with every stick, and not simply use the collect to win mechanic used in previous years. We also wanted to engage on a deeper level with consumers by providing a brand experience that would live beyond the purchase and consumption interaction.

The Idea:
The Paddle Pop Magilika app presented a branded entertainment world to consumers. We introduced interactive augmented reality and game play to each purchase, to ensure that “everyone’s a winner”. We tied this in with existing video content to give consumers a unique incentivised brand experience that encouraged repeat purchase and interaction with the brand.

GOLD – POPAI 2015 1st Mobile Shopper Experience Paddle Pop ‘Magilika App’​
Winner – IAC 2015 – Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application Paddle Pop ‘Magilika App’​
Winner – IAC 2015 – Best Food Industry Mobile Application Paddle Pop ‘Magilika App’